About Me

Hi! I’m Zoe

literary strategist

My father was a professor of religious studies, and my mother is a New York Times-bestselling mystery author, so storytelling is quite literally in my blood. I remember my mother writing her novels longhand when I was nine; attended my first Edgars Awards in New York City when I was thirteen; went on book tour (remember those?) at fifteen; and have been attending writers’ conferences with her since I was in college.

I received my Master’s degree in international history (which, in hindsight, is all stories) from the London School of Economics in 2005, then decided to work with my mother as I decided on my next move. I started by doing her social media marketing, then a few years later, I took over her agenting as well. Before I knew it, ten years had passed, and my next move had decidedly been made for me. Like my mother, I had become a publishing professional, although on the business side of things rather than the creative. 

Based on these decades of experience, I founded my freelance editing and publishing consultancy business in 2017. Since then, I have edited both aspiring and many-times-published authors. I have helped clients find agents and book deals, and helped others navigate the ups and downs of self-publishing. Throughout it all, it has been my pleasure and privilege to act as a sounding board, confidante, critic, and cheerleader for all my clients, whether we work together only once or on multiple books in a row. 

When I’m not reading for either work or pleasure you can find me trail running, drinking good coffee or wine, gardening, and spending time with my partner, our two small people, and a very loud Siamese-tortoiseshell cat at our lovely home in Santa Cruz, California.